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Some Lessons from Saba Saba Rally 2014

Especially for CORD Leadership by Matunda Nyanchama Tweet Don’t promise more than you can deliver: CORD supporter expectations were high, some even anticipating storming State House or raising an Arab Spring like revolution. It never came to be! And that’s a dent on CORD leadership. Never issue threats where you have no capacity to actualize […]

Aborted ODM Party Elections – A Spectacle in Kenyan Political Theatre

Tweet By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD The Kenyan political scene never ceases to surprise and amuse at any one time. No one can predict the next interesting and entertaining episode. We have had many in the recent past such as the Tower of Babel like government pronouncements about Westgate and the Standard Gauge Rail Project, among […]

Kenya: the Politics of “Half a Loaf” & the Networked

Tweet By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD February 12th, 2014 Let us admit it! Kenyan politics is about eating, not development! It is about nusu mkate (half a loaf) rather than development! It is about the wired rather than the talented! It is about “ME” rather than “US”. Parsing Kenyans’ public discourse is an interesting exercise that […]

An Open Letter to the Kenyan Diaspora

Tweet By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Dear colleagues, Greetings from ground zero here in Kenya. Lovely country, this one is: good all-year round weather, nice scenery due to near all-year round evergreen vegetation; and on the whole, a land of good people. Our nation is, generally, a place of hardworking people, regardless of vocation, age, gender, […]