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November 2006
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Archive for November, 2006

The Third Way – Part I

Speech made to the 2006 Kenyan Community Abroad (KCA) Conference, Arlington, Virginia, USA Click here for the full .pdf version of the speech I want to speak to you about the future of our country Kenya and development uncertainties occasioned by the current crop of political leaders; and I want to demonstrate that our politics […]

The Third Way – Part II

The First Way Click here for the full .pdf version of this speech The people of the First Way hold political and economic power. It is difficult (nay impossible!) to distinguish between those who hold political power and those with economic power. In fact, they are one and the same group! Now let uss look […]

The Third Way – Parts III & IV

The Second Way Click here for the full .pdf version of this speech If the First Way’s intention is to retain the power they wield, Second Way elites aim at wrestling power from First Way elites. Those of Second Way covet the power of the First Way and are envious (nay jealousy!) of the fact […]

Africa & Its Economic Future

Africa in the 21st Century: The Future Economic Outlook By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Speech delivered to the African Peoples Association (APA) Bowling Green State University, OH November 29, 2006 Click here for a .pdf version of this presentation Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up; It knows it must run faster than the fastest […]

Mganga Hajigangi – Thoughts on the “war’ on corruption in Kenya.

By Matunda Nyanchama Toronto, Canada November 2, 2006 [This article was written in November 2006 and published in the Kenya Times newspaper. It is reissued here in September 2007 as it remains relevant to the events today. The Kenya parliament recently voted not to investigate economic crimes committed prior to 2002! This will exonerate those […]