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Selling Kenyan e-Government Vision

By Matunda Nyanchama Toronto, Ontario, Canada September 13, 2004 On the weekend of September 2, 2004, a groups of Kenyans in Toronto had the chance to meet with the e-government Kenyan delegation that was visiting Canada. Lead by the Hon Raphael Tuju, Minister for Information and Communications, the team was in Canada to explore ways […]

Rape-Incest-Murder – Going Beyond The Trauma

By Dr Matunda Nyanchama Toronto Ontario August 18, 2004 The recent ordeal endured by the Ngugis in Nairobi calls for swift justice to the perpetrators. That normal people, in a civilized world can be so callous, is a shock to many Kenyans and the entire world. These criminals shame us a nation, a people and […]

President Kibaki’s June Reshuffle – a win-lose affair

y Matunda Nyanchama Toronto Ontario July 2, 2004 President Mwai Kibaki reshuffled the cabinet a few days ago. Reading Kenyans’ reactions across the world, the move came as an anti-climax in view of Kenyans’ expectations of sweeping changes for the betterment of “Wanjiku”. As per the government promise, Kenyans would have ushered in a new […]

Beyond Euphoria – Getting Down to Business in Kenya

By Dr Matunda Nyanchama Toronto Ontario April 21, 2004 With euphoria and high expectations, Kenyans elected a new government in December 2002 to replace the old and tired Kanu regime led by former president Moi. The mantra in the lead-up to elections was that yote yawezekana bila Moi (all is possible without Moi). It is […]

Kenyan Problems: Poor Leadership & Lack of Systematic Approaches

By Dr Matunda Nyanchama ( Toronto Ontario April 18, 2004 At a press conference I held at Chester House in Nairobi one week ago, a reporter asked for my views on the skills needed for a minister. For instance, is it right to appoint someone who knows little or nothing about internal security to the […]

The Case of Anyona – What a shame!

By Matunda Nyanchama Toronto Ontario February 13, 2004 George Anyona Moseti, former MP for Kitutu Masaba, passed way in early November 2003. More than three months have passed since this tragedy happened. To date, however, Anyona has yet to be buried! His body lies in the mortuary pending resolution of a case involving the Chabumba […]