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January 1997
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The Perils of Kenyan Journalism

By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD London Ontario Canada November 14, 1997 My duty, as an interim committee member of the Kenyan Community Abroad (KCA), was simple: liaise with actors in the journalism profession in Kenya to facilitate a function which would honour two Kenyan TV journalists, Vitalis Musebe and Isaiah Kabira. These had been chosen by […]

“Egeku”: Kenya’s Alarming Death Numbers

Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Bsc (Elect. Eng.), Msc., PhD (Comp. Sci.) Nsemia Information Technologies (Canada), London, Ontario Canada November 11, 1997 In my rural country, it used to be that no two people could be buried in the same “village” on the same day. In deference to the deceased, the living gave each individual his/her own […]

The Economic Implications of the Current Political Crisis

Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Nairobi, Kenya September 15, 1997 This was the subject of a panel discussion organized by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) at the Serena Hotel, Nairobi on September 11, 1997. In attendance were a number of people, notably public personalities from as diverse occupations as government, lobby groups, private companies, and the […]

The Crisis in Zaire

Matunda Nyanchama, PhD London, Ontario, Canada March 18, 1997 The crisis in Zaire continues unabated. Laurent Kabila’s rebel movement now occupies more than one third of the country. It is on a roller coaster aimed at Kinshasha the capital and the overthrow of the country’s ailing president, General Mobutu Sese Seko. The international community’s indifference […]