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January 1996
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The Kenyan IT Training Scene: Some Observations

While in industrialised countries much of the activity is centred on retraining, the reverse is true in Kenya. Much of the training here focuses on basic IT literacy with the core beneficiaries being potentially fresh entrants in the job market. And while there is much retraining going on in many companies and government institutions, basic training for workers entering the market predominates. Private computer training colleges form the core of such efforts.

There are a number of such training colleges in the country. In the past, government institutions have played a leading role in this aspect. Thus we had the popular Diploma in Computer Science from the University of Nairobi while government-financed/run polytechnics have also been central to this activity. Today, almost all universities, polytechnics and colleges of technology offer computer training in some form or another.

This notwithstanding, recent trends indicate that the private sector is taking a lead in this direction. At the moment, there may well be several times more people studying at private colleges than there are in public institutions. These private colleges have evolved to occupy a major void that cannot otherwise be filled by public alone. As demand for computer-literate personnel keeps growing, these colleges will remain key players in the local IT market.

Road Accidents in Kenya – Some Thoughts

A Nation Asleep at the Wheel [1] By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Of late, our country Kenya has acquired the notorious distinction as a country with the highest road accident rates in the category of countries at the same stage of development. We lose several thousand lives to road accidents annually. A number of victims are […]