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Gusii Diaspora Takes Action on Poor Education Performance in Gusiiland

Arlington, Texas July 4, 2009 Attendees at the 4th Annual Gusii Educational Advancement & Resources (GEAR) have resolved to take action to address the poor performance of schools in Gusii schools in national examinations. Among proposed actions will be the adoption of schools to raise the standards of performance, creating model schools, and investing in […]

Unmaking Tribal Kenya

In February 2008 I wrote “Making of Tribal Kenya”, partly as an attempt to understand the causes and viciousness of the 2007 post-election conflict (see also Kenya: Roots of Post-Election Conflict and Hope for the Future). In it I decried the lack of a national vision of who we are as Kenyans and called for […]

Metropolitan Nairobi – Some Thoughts on Development

Metropolitan Nairobi – Some Development Suggestions[i] By Matunda Nyanchama [i] Remarks to meeting of Kenyans in Canada and a Kenyan delegation from the Nairobi Metropolitan Ministry visiting Canada. February 2009 Saturday February 28, 2009 The Hon. Elizabeth Ongoro Masha, MP and the Metropolitan Nairobi Ministry Delegation, acting Kenyan High Commissioner to Canada, KCO President and […]

Education, its Value & Examinations – A Perspective

By Matunda Nyanchama Nyamira, Gusii, Kenya. December 27, 2008 Speech to students attending counseling session on examination performance in Nyamira, Gusii, Kenya. Pastor Mouko, convenor of this examination counseling session, fellow panellists, invited guests, examination counselees, ladies and gentlemen. I am pleased to be here today, as part of this distinguished panel on the matter […]

The Election of Obama to US President – Speaking to Canadian Media

By Matunda Nyanchama November 6, 2008 The election of Barack Obama to the most powerful office in the world is a cause for celebration. There is no doubt that a new era has dawned and that a generational change is underway. As a Kenyan, only Independence Day on December 12, 1963 brings similar memories. The […]

1st KESSA Conference – A Personal Take

By Matunda Nyanchama ( Toronto, Ontario, Canada August 21, 2008 The inaugural conference of the Kenya Scholars and Studies Association (KESSA) was a two-day event starting August 1st, 2008 in Bowling Green State University (BGSU), Ohio, USA. The event was addressed by Dr Jendayi Fraser, Assistant Secretary of State for Africa in the Bush administration. […]

Civic Versus Ethnic Nationalism

This article was first published in 1998. It remains relevant in the lead up to the Kenyan elections. Matunda Nyanchama, PhD April 6,1998 Here is something to ponder. James McPherson, an expert on the US Civil War and history professor at Princeton University, distinguishes two forms of “nationalism”, i.e. “civic nationalism” and “ethnic nationalism”. These […]

Post-Kanu Kenya & The Way Ahead – republish

Core Elements for Fundamental Change in Kenya for the 21st Century 2003 KCA Conference, Jersey City, New Jersey; July 4-7, 2003 By Matunda Nyanchama[2] Last December, our country underwent a landmark transition. In the 2002 elections, our people spoke with one voice. With that, they delivered the message of change. And for the first time […]

Talking Ideas Past the Din Ethnic Politics

By Matunda Nyanchama Toronto, Ontario Canada August 27, 2007 In the past month we have had ongoing conversations with a number of colleagues that are gunning for parliamentary seats in the coming elections. Discussions have centred on the place of ideas. The issue in question is that of selling ideas in a political culture dominated […]

Gusii Education Advancement Resource – GEAR – Launch

Gusii Education Advancement Resource – GEAR – Launch The Way Forward Matunda Nyanchama Minneapolis, Minnesota June 30, 2007 A year ago, we gathered here on a day that coincided with MKIDA (Minnesota Kenya International Development Association) Graduation Gala; we had participants from across North America: Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire, Ontario (Canada) and from here in […]

Africa & Its Economic Future

Africa in the 21st Century: The Future Economic Outlook By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Speech delivered to the African Peoples Association (APA) Bowling Green State University, OH November 29, 2006 Click here for a .pdf version of this presentation Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up; It knows it must run faster than the fastest […]

Mganga Hajigangi – Thoughts on the “war’ on corruption in Kenya.

By Matunda Nyanchama Toronto, Canada November 2, 2006 [This article was written in November 2006 and published in the Kenya Times newspaper. It is reissued here in September 2007 as it remains relevant to the events today. The Kenya parliament recently voted not to investigate economic crimes committed prior to 2002! This will exonerate those […]

African Philanthropy – It is about time

By Matunda Nyanchama Toronto Ontario July 4, 2006 Bill Gates, the world’s richest man, recently announced plans to retire from the company he built to become the world’s largest information technology company. His plans: to focus on philanthropy through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As of June 2006 Bill Gates and his wife Melinda […]

Kenyans’ Love for Defiance and Rebellion – Part I

By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Toronto Ontario October 23, 2005 ———— The culture of defiance is entrenched in the Kenyan psyche and many admire those that protest against coercive central power. It is no accident therefore that the most contentious issue in the current referendum debates that of executive power devolution and the power to impeach […]

Kenyans’ Love for Defiance and Rebellion Part II

By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Toronto Ontario October 23, 2005 Click here for part I of this article. ———— It will be a big mistake for Kenyans to vote on the referendum based on protest against existing authority. It would also be prudent for Kenyans to view as progressive the changes that have taken place since […]