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Unmaking Tribal Kenya

In February 2008 I wrote “Making of Tribal Kenya”, partly as an attempt to understand the causes and viciousness of the 2007 post-election conflict (see also Kenya: Roots of Post-Election Conflict and Hope for the Future). In it I decried the lack of a national vision of who we are as Kenyans and called for […]

Witchcraft & Witch Burning MUST Stop

By Matunda Nyanchama Toronto, Canada. March 24, 2009 This has been a week of outrage on Kenyan Internet chat rooms; it was indignation borne of a grisly incident caught on video of people killing and burning alleged witches in Nyamataro, near Kisii town in Kenya. The human cruelty captured in the video clip is beyond […]

Kenyans’ Love for Defiance and Rebellion – Part I

By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Toronto Ontario October 23, 2005 ———— The culture of defiance is entrenched in the Kenyan psyche and many admire those that protest against coercive central power. It is no accident therefore that the most contentious issue in the current referendum debates that of executive power devolution and the power to impeach […]

Kenyans’ Love for Defiance and Rebellion Part II

By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Toronto Ontario October 23, 2005 Click here for part I of this article. ———— It will be a big mistake for Kenyans to vote on the referendum based on protest against existing authority. It would also be prudent for Kenyans to view as progressive the changes that have taken place since […]

Celebrating African Song & Dance with Umoja – The Spirit of Togetherness

Celebrating African Song & Dance with Umoja – The Spirit of Togetherness By Matunda Nyanchama October 10, 2005 This weekend I had a chance to watch one of the most beautiful displays of African song and dance I have ever seen. The Umoja show ( is on its second Canadian tour, currently running at the […]

President Mwai Kibaki’s US Visit & Kenyans Abroad

By Matunda Nyanchama Toronto Ontario October 13, 2003 President Kibaki’s tour to America went well, according to sources close to his entourage. In Washington DC., our president was welcomed with pomp to the White House by US President George Bush. According to reports, the welcome was rare in form and accorded to few heads of […]

Goodwill Mission: Tourism Promotion Indeed!

By Matunda Nyanchama, Ph.D. President of Kenyan Community Abroad (KCA) August 31, 2000 We hosted the Kenyan Goodwill Mission in Toronto, Canada, last week. Ostensibly, they came to America to promote tourism, aside from the leader of the delegation attending the Democratic Party Convention in the US. Tourism, though was the last thing discussed at […]

“Egeku”: Kenya’s Alarming Death Numbers

Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Bsc (Elect. Eng.), Msc., PhD (Comp. Sci.) Nsemia Information Technologies (Canada), London, Ontario Canada November 11, 1997 In my rural country, it used to be that no two people could be buried in the same “village” on the same day. In deference to the deceased, the living gave each individual his/her own […]


By Matunda Nyanchama They know no heaven who preach of heavens; And they meekly quote from the “holy” book of Moses and Joshua, of Abraham and Isaac, of David and Solomon, of Isaiah and Jeremiah, ………………….. Purveyors of Christ’s message know the colour of sin, crimson red; Proclaimed heaven’s future citizens know sinlessness’, “sparkle”, white […]