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The 4th Industrial Revolution

Share on Facebook Matunda Nyanchama Follow @nmatunda December 18th, 2019 Public Lecture notes for a speech at the University of Kabianga on December 18th, 2019 by Matunda Nyanchama, PhD I want to thank Prof. Elijah Omwenga, Dr. Mary Wosyanju and Mr. Wanyama for making it possible for me to be here today. Let me hasten […]

Frank Waweru Mwaniki (FM) – Go thee well good friend!

Share on Facebook Matunda Nyanchama Follow @nmatunda November 29, 2019 Sincere condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Frank Waweru Mwaniki who passed away following a road accident in Nairobi. He will be sorely missed by all of us who knew and interacted with him during his life on earth. There are no words […]

On the War on Corruption

Share on Facebook Matunda Nyanchama Follow @nmatunda April 24, 2019 Corruption keeps making the news headlines as a matter of routine, an indication that the vice is with us and will be with for a long time to come. I have previously written on the subject (see for example: The War on Corruption: Wanjiku not […]

The War on Corruption: Wanjiku not an Innocent Standerby

Share on Facebook Matunda Nyanchama Follow @nmatunda Nairobi, June 21, 2018 H.E. the President of Kenya has rightly declared war on corruption in the country. Spurred by reports of massive looting of state coffers, the president is right to focus on this cancer that continues to stunt the nation’s growth. Indeed, corruption stands on the […]

Kenya: Necessary Changes we Need!

Tweet By Matunda Nyanchama October 10, 2017 I am writing this on what would be Moi Day had the Constitution of Kenya (2010) not eliminated the day from our national holiday calendar. It is also a time of apparent stalemate following the nullification of the August 8th, 2010 Presidential Election. As plans go, the repeat […]

Education Reforms in Kenya – a Long Term Perspective Required

Tweet Matunda Nyanchama March 8, 2017 “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” – Derek Bok, former President of Harvard University Education is fundamental to all development. To achieve intended goals and objectives, it must be tailored to meet the needs of a people. It must shape values, beliefs and strategic national goals that […]

Chaos in Kenyan Schools – Some Considerations for Action

Tweet Matunda Nyanchama October 21, 2016 Kenya witnessed a near-epidemic burning of schools a few months ago. These fires raged across the country and spared neither girls’ nor boys’ schools. It appeared like an equal opportunity phenomenon and (in some cases) copycat acts. A few months earlier, there were reports of blatant display of indiscipline […]

The Desecration of Sanctity – Pathetic Conduct at Funerals

Tweet By Matunda Nyanchama January 14, 2016 A funeral is the final opportunity that family, relatives, friends and community have to say final goodbyes to their deceased loved one. It is supposed to be a solemn occasion to remember the good that the departed did and the impact s/he had on others. It is a […]

Kenya: Beating Corruption in 2016

Tweet By Matunda Nyanchama Happy New Year friends, colleagues, foes and all. May 2016 bring you the achievements you have dreamt of in the past. Let it raise your blessings to greater heights than before. As we start the New Year, let’s pray that, as a nation, we may find greater unity of purpose. Let’s […]

How NOT to Test Emergency Preparedness

Tweet Matunda Nyanchama, PhD December 2nd, 2015 On November 30th, 2015 Strathmore University in Nairobi carried out a mock enactment of a terrorist attack on campus. The ensuing melee and subsequent pandemonium left one person dead and many others injured. This is in addition damages, yet to be assessed and reported, including a soiled brand of […]

May 2015 Fulfill Your Deferred Dreams

Tweet What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore– And then run? Does it stink like rotten meat? Or crust and sugar over– like a syrupy sweet? Maybe it just sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode?    ~Langston Hughes […]

Some Lessons from Saba Saba Rally 2014

Especially for CORD Leadership by Matunda Nyanchama Tweet Don’t promise more than you can deliver: CORD supporter expectations were high, some even anticipating storming State House or raising an Arab Spring like revolution. It never came to be! And that’s a dent on CORD leadership. Never issue threats where you have no capacity to actualize […]

Aborted ODM Party Elections – A Spectacle in Kenyan Political Theatre

Tweet By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD The Kenyan political scene never ceases to surprise and amuse at any one time. No one can predict the next interesting and entertaining episode. We have had many in the recent past such as the Tower of Babel like government pronouncements about Westgate and the Standard Gauge Rail Project, among […]

Kenya: the Politics of “Half a Loaf” & the Networked

Tweet By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD February 12th, 2014 Let us admit it! Kenyan politics is about eating, not development! It is about nusu mkate (half a loaf) rather than development! It is about the wired rather than the talented! It is about “ME” rather than “US”. Parsing Kenyans’ public discourse is an interesting exercise that […]

An Open Letter to the Kenyan Diaspora

Tweet By Matunda Nyanchama, PhD Dear colleagues, Greetings from ground zero here in Kenya. Lovely country, this one is: good all-year round weather, nice scenery due to near all-year round evergreen vegetation; and on the whole, a land of good people. Our nation is, generally, a place of hardworking people, regardless of vocation, age, gender, […]