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By Matunda Nyanchama

They know no heaven who preach of heavens;

And they meekly quote from the “holy” book

of Moses and Joshua,

of Abraham and Isaac,

of David and Solomon,

of Isaiah and Jeremiah,


Purveyors of Christ’s message know the colour of sin,

crimson red;

Proclaimed heaven’s future citizens know sinlessness’,

“sparkle”, white as snow;

Confessed God’s children know the detergent for sin,

the blood of the lamb, Jesus;

They minister about hell’s fury and rage,

lit by God’s anger,

God’s wrath,

the price of sin;

I hearken them threaten punishment for those on sin’s wide road;

I hearken them preach of fire and Brimstone as God’s vengence to the sinful;

I hearken then promise happiness eternal for those on heaven’s narrow road;

I hearken them say that only through Jesus shall one travel on this road.

What of others that pray

through Budha and Confucius

through Mohamed and our ancestors


What of believers of Ngai and Engoro?


Will they not know of heaven?

Will they not see promised eternal happiness?

Will they earn God’s wrath when they knew not of Christ?

Will they burn in Satan’s hell when

they fed earth’s hungry,

clothed humanity’s naked,

sheltered the world’s wretched,

loved their neighbours?

Leave them alone who preach hell’s fury;

Jesus’s message was of

love for the neighbour,

compassion for fellow man,

kindness to humanity,

sympathy for the miserable,

help for the needy,


It is Godliness to love and proclaim love,

to love;

It is Godliness to preach compassion,

for the wretched;

It is Godliness to have sympathy

for the unlucky;

It is Godliness to be kind

to thy brother;

It is Godliness to do good!

They know not heaven that preach heaven.

Matunda Nyanchama, London, Ontario, Canada, March 1995


Comment from Inche
Time: April 4, 2009, 12:47 am


Comment from Ali Makora
Time: April 4, 2009, 10:19 pm

I enjoyed reading your poem. It is a deeply well thought out piece fit for reflectional meditation. I have read some place that there are many from heathen lands who never knew nor confessed Christ who shall be in God’s Kingdom. One other surprise in the heaven that Christ went prepare is that that many who preached hell fire judgment will be subjected to the very judgment for indeed they knew not heaven.

Comment from maore
Time: April 14, 2009, 11:43 pm

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